CryptoPuzzle — Introduction (EN)

Each set are made of 25 pieces

CryptoPuzzle is a collectable NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect all 25 puzzle’s pieces to mint a CryptoPuzzle and win a jackpot in ether !

Early game

First, we need to distribute all pieces. There is 5000 pieces claimable with a fixed price. Claim is random, you can’t chose what you get. Every pieces are part of a Set. You need 25 pieces to complete a Set and make a CryptoPuzzle. So there is 200 Set made from 5000 pieces. You can claim them with Metamask on our website. At last but not least, 90% of your claim price is added to a Jackpot, but we will talk about it later…

Late game

After 5000 puzzles are claimed, you will be able to mint CryptoPuzzle. No more claim possible though. Now, it’s time to mint some CryptoPuzzle, but only if you collect all 25 pieces from the same set !

There is 5000 puzzle’s pieces that are randomly claimable, and 25 pieces for each Set. So there will be in total 200 Set that will be mint in CryptoPuzzle. Every time someone mint a CryptoPuzzle, he will also win a jackpot !

Token NFT 1 à 5000 : pièce de puzzle (distribué aléatoirement).

Token NFT 5001 à 5200 : CryptoPuzzle (créer en collectionnant tout un Set).

Here some Set that are possible

To boost adoption, a jackpot is fuels by claim and a tax of 3% for each transactions. When you complete a CryptoPuzzle, this NFT token will no longer be subjected to this tax ! A governance tax (3% too) apply to every tokens.

You try our contract on our website here and now ! Everything is on the Ropsten network (a testnet for Ethereum project). Our market place is compatible with Metamask, so try it out !

A random owner page

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